Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Snow! (something just a little bit fun!)

Opening up my curtains, looking outside.
The snow has coated everywhere; it’s an extraordinary sight.

For many we’ve never seen snow like this,
No work or school, it’s not a day to be missed!

Up we get, to the park we go.
Children playing in lots of snow.

How quickly it fell over night.
It’s still so fresh and extremely bright.

So soft to walk through and fun to run,
More than one person ended up on their bum!

The sound of laughter is all around,
The snow is about a foot off the ground.

The shops are closed, no transport running,
Looking around and the view is stunning!

Building Snow angels and snow men,
Watching adults become children again.

How new and exciting today has been,
No one thought the snow would be this extreme.

It’s the end of the day, the snow has stayed.
The people in bed, wonder what lies ahead..

Back to work tomorrow, they go
Trying to make their way through the snow.

It’s so beautiful to look at, so amazing to see,
No one wants to go back to reality.

Everyone’s hoping the snow will stay,
So we get one more day to play!!
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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Saying Goodbye

She stands there staring.
She knows that he has something to say but won’t share it.
Her heart is pounding.
She is too scared to question
but knows that silence will only make it worse.
How can a situation get any better without talking?
She has been here before.
Knowing that she doesn’t want to go through it again,
but can’t help but push for an answer.
When did things get so hard?
When did they change?
Her mouth is dry, her heart beating inconsistently.
Her breathing getting deeper each time.
“Close your eyes and breathe” she repeats to herself.
“No tears will fall today” She looks at the floor and closes her eyes.

No words have been spoken yet.
Images of happy times together, fill her mind.
She looks up from the ground,
as a single tear rolls down her face.
He looks at her and says “sorry”.
The single tear turns into a steady flow,
as she watches him walk away.
Not being able to speak, nor move.
A part of her is going with him.

She sits there, holding onto the small hope that he is going to turn around.
But he keeps on walking.
Feeling empty and alone, she stays.
She doesn’t want to go home, alone.
If she could just go back.
Back to when he was there.
When he could wipe away those tears.
Just the thought of his arms around her, turns the river into a stream.

She makes her way home.
Back to the memories.
Sitting alone in her room.
Staring at the walls.
Coated with pictures, experiences.
All washed away with that one word,
In that one breathe.

She waits, looking at her phone.
Waiting for contact.
Hours pass, what seems like days.
Just staring.
Waiting. Waiting.

Just like how she feels.
It’s so hard to say goodbye.

She looks at his picture,
“When did it all change?”

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