Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tip Of The Day #12

Tip Of The Day, Let's get straight to it....

"Write a weekly/monthly plan for yourself and stick to it"

We are all guilty of having a wonderful idea and starting it off and not finishing it or taking a lot longer to finish it then necessary. So print yourself of a calender that's got 1 month to a A4 page and pencil in what you need to do within that month. Only fill in work related projects though. Check it each day and make sure you stick to it, it's easy to get side tracked. If for any reason you can't do something on one of the days, be sure to write it in for another day.

Start with writing a list of everything you want to achieve in that month and then go along writing them in for appropriate days. But make sure you really plan them in, don't write something in for a Saturday if you know you don't have time to commit to doing it on that Saturday, so maybe pencil in that you have to read a chapter of that book you are studying at the moment. It can be anything from planning a chapter, to writing a whole chapter to just reading a page of your essay. Try it out and see how it works. I personally think its great to look at the beginning of the month and know what you want to achieve and then be able to look back at what you actually did achieve.

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