Tuesday, 23 March 2010


It's been too long since i last put something on here....


Flowers come in all different colours,
Colours come in many different shades,
Shades appear different in different lights.
In life sometimes everything is not as it ‘appears’ to be.
People have different colours on show to guard themselves.
Some people have their true colours on show all the time.
What is your true colour? What do you believe it symbolises?
Without different colours in our vision everything would appear the same.
Flowers are beautiful in different shapes and sizes.
No two flowers are the same; each flower is unique and individual.
Each one needing to be loved and looked after in order to grow and fully develop, to mature in life.
A flowers journey is similar to that of a human.
It starts as a tiny seed and with love it grows.

Remember you are loved and inside you grows a beautiful flower,
Each and every day.

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