Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Step

I am on a roll the last few nights! Here is another...

The Step

When you take a step it leads you somewhere else.
Once you place your foot on a step, you can go up or down.
If you take a metaphorical step in life you can go backwards or forwards.

As I look at the concrete step outside my house, the sun shines on it, the concrete is dirty and grey. Stained with many marks from passersby.
But when the sun glistens from the grit in the concrete, it somehow looks clean. The rest of the road is the same.
As I place my foot on the step like I have many times before; I look up at my house and it brings a smile to my face.
I put my key in the front door and I am glad I am home.

For the step outside may look the same as all the others in my road but my house is my home and there is no other like it.
And every day I take that step, it brings me another step closer to my home.

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