Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Tip Of The Day #10

Sitting around and listening to people all day long is part of my job. But when you start really listening it starts opening doors to new projects or story ideas. Your Tip Of The Day is going to be

"Listen to what people talk about most whether it be positive or negative and write it in your notebook"

If you like to write articles or even need ideas of conversations to put in your story then listening out to what people talk about on a daily basis is going to help you. Day to day chit chat fills up most people's days and we spend a lot of our time doing this. But how often do we really listen to what people are talking about and use it to help our own growth. So go back to one of your first tips I gave you about getting a notebook and spend your day really listening to what people are saying and jot it down in your book. Then when you are next writing an article and need ideas of what is being talked about at the moment, your notebook is going to be a great tool. Or if you are writing a story and need some general conversation for your characters fill it up with some notes from your notebook. It will really help and it saves you time sitting there wondering what to write when it comes to chit chat, when all you need to do is listen to the world around you! Try it out today.

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